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• Standard and Metric Gearing

• Spur Gears

• Helical Gears

• Pinion Gears

• Worms and Worm Gears

• Splines

• Sprockets

• Timing Pulleys

• Sector Gears

• Ring Gears

• Planetary Gear Systems

• Gear Racks (Limited)

cnc gear cutting
Miniature gears
Gear manufacturer
Plastic Gears

All parts are in process inspected to assure quality. From a 100 piece job to a 1000 piece job you can

count on consistent quality parts from start to finish.


We also offer Heat Treating and Plating of parts. We work closely with some of the leading

heat treating and plating facilities to assure a high quality product that meets or exceeds our customers needs.

Gear We Manufacture

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